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Block Runner Is A 3D Block game Where You have To Dodge Blocks, The More You Move The Faster & Harder It Get's On You, So Use Your Moves Wisely! Use "A" & "D" To Go Left (A) And Right (D), There Aren't Many Levels As Of Now But I Will Be Adding More! I Christopher (The Only One Who Created This Game) Have Been Working On This Game For 2 Weeks Starting 9/25/2017 And I've Decided To Release It For Free & accept Donations, The Reason I Decided To Release It For Free Is To Keep Awesome People Like You Entertained & not Bored :D More Updates & Free DLC Will Be Added Frequently, As Of Now (As I Stated In The Game's Information Section) I'm Sorry if You're Disappointed About How Many Levels, There Are, Usually 1 Level Takes About A Full 24 Hours To make :/ Because I Have To Make Them, And Test Them (To Make Sure They're Beatable) All By Myself, And As Levels Get Higher It gets Harder To Beat, Even For Me (lol) Thanks For Reading!

                                                                                                                                      - Christopher Richardson

10/3/2017 8:30 PM

Update 1: UI Update & A DLC Panel

Install instructions

When The Zip File Downloads Take The Unzipped Folder Out And You Can Put It On Your Desktop or Take The Data Folder & EXE And Put It On Your Desktop


Block Runner.zip 21 MB


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Thanks To All Who Downloaded So Far! I've Removed The Donation Option As I Feel No One Would Donate Anyways Haha, Thanks To All & The Future Comers!